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Delivery terms

1. When purchasing goods from the online store, the buyer can choose the method of delivery - the goods delivery service.
2. Delivery service:
2.1. If the buyer chooses a delivery service, he undertakes to provide the exact delivery address.
2.2. The buyer undertakes to accept the goods himself. If he cannot receive the goods himself, but the delivery is based on the provided address and other information provided by the buyer, the buyer has no right to submit claims to the seller regarding the delivery of the goods to the wrong subject.
2.3. The goods may be delivered by the seller himself or by his authorized representative.
2.4. The delivery fee is calculated according to the delivery address, weight and size of the goods.
2.5. The fee for delivery of goods via DPD courier service in Estonia is 0 euros. The delivery fee via SmartPOST parcel machine is 0 euros per order. The fee for delivery of goods via Omniva parcel machine is 0 euros per order. Delivery price via DPD Pickup points - 0 Eur. Free shipping from 50 €. When ordering goods worth less than 30 €, the delivery price is 3 €.
2.6. The seller reserves the right to change the delivery tax.
3. The time limit for delivery of the goods shall be indicated in the description of the goods. The deadline is expected and is subject to change. The seller undertakes to do his best to ensure that the purchased goods are delivered as soon as possible.
4. Upon receipt of the goods, the buyer undertakes to check with the seller or his authorized representative the condition of the consignment and the goods and to sign the invoice, delivery note or other document of receipt and delivery of the parcel. If the buyer signs the invoice, delivery note or other document of receipt and delivery of the parcel, the shipment is considered to be in good condition and there is no damage to the goods due to non-production scrap and non-conformity of the set (such as can be detected by external inspection).
5. If the Buyer notices that the packaging of the delivered consignment is damaged (wrinkled, wet or otherwise externally damaged), the goods are damaged or the set of goods is not correct, he undertakes to mark it on the invoice, delivery note or other package acceptance-delivery document and prepare a or in the presence of his representative, a certificate of damage (non-conformity) of the consignment and / or goods in free form. If the buyer fails to do so, the seller shall be released from liability to the buyer for damage to the goods (if the damage is not caused by the production scrap) and non-conformity of the goods (if these non-conformities can be identified by external inspection of the goods). If the buyer takes the ordered goods from SmartPOST or Omniva parcel machine and notices the non-compliance, the team must be notified immediately.
5.1 The term of the shipment depends on its availability in the warehouse and the term of delivery from the supplier (1 hour up to 30 days). In exceptional cases, product searches for non-standard selection deadlines may be exceeded for subscribers as well as for us. Deadlines for the manufacture of goods for delivery to the customer, we will notify immediately after ordering.