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Principles for use of cookies

Cookie usage
1.1. In order to provide a better user experience, the Multiweb Shop website uses cookies.

1.2. Domain (s) owned by Multiweb OÜ may contain, among other things, elements that store cookies in the name of third parties.

Opt-out of cookies
1.3. The user has the right to refuse the storage of cookies on the computer. If desired, the User must change the settings in his browser.

1.4. The cookie opt-out process depends on the type of browser. More detailed information can be found on the site, or on the English-language site

1.5. When refusing a cookie, the User should take into account that some functions of the site may no longer be available to the User after blocking the cookie.

What is a cookie?
1.6. A cookie is a text file that is sent and stored on the User's computer by the websites he visits. Cookies are stored by the User in the browser file directory. If the User has already visited this site, the browser reads the existing cookie and transmits the corresponding information to the website or to the element that recorded the cookie on the first visit to the site. Additional information about cookies is available on the website or on the English-language website
1.7. Cookies allow you to track statistics on website use, the popularity of categories and other operations carried out on the website. The information generated by the cookie is used to make the website easier to use and to improve its content.

Types of cookies used by websites
1.8. Persistent cookies are essential in order to navigate the site and use its features. In the absence of persistent cookies, the User cannot use all the functions of the website.

1.9. Session cookies allow the site to remember previous choices made by the User (for example, username, language selection, etc.), thereby providing a more efficient and personalized service.

1.10. Tracking cookies collect data about the User's behavior on the site. The information generated by tracking cookies improves the usability of the website.