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Renolux Renofix

Renolux Renofix

Renolux Renofix


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Discover RENOFIX, our reclining isofix booster which has been tested and awarded «GUT» by ADAC, «4 stars» by TCS and recommended by Sécurange. It ...
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Kaal: 8 kg
Paigaldusmeetod: Nägu sõidusuunas
Paigaldusmeetod: Isofix, tavalise turvavöö abil
I size: Ei
Isofix: Jah
Ankurrihm: Ei
Eemaldatavad siserihmad: Ei
Tooli kalde reguleerimine: Jah
Peatoe kõrguse reguleerimine: Jah
Külgkokkupõrke kaitse: Jah

Discover RENOFIX, our reclining isofix booster which has been tested and awarded «GUT» by ADAC, «4 stars» by TCS and recommended by Sécurange. It benefits from our Softness® Technology which guarantees the best of comfort and safety for your children.

• Articulated Isofix connectors for ease of installation and transport
• Befits vehicles equipped or not with Isofix
• Height adjusts up to 15 cm with one-handed mechanism
• 4-position reclining (in Isofix installation)
• Extra Side Protection
• Soft and durable fabric with topstitches for extra softness
• Removable and 30° washable cover
• Awarded “Gut” by ADAC and “4 stars” by TCS
• Recommended by Sécurange
• Certified R44-04
• Designed and Made in France

Certification ADAC 15-36kgCertification TCS 15-36kg


Weight : 8,45 kg • Dim : H 69 cm x D 45 cm x W 57 cm

Reclining isofix Softness® booster Group 2/3 for children from 15 to 36 kg (approx. from 3 years ½ to 11 years).

Made in France, near Lyon, in our RENOLUX factory.
To learn more about our patented Softness® technology, which guarantees incomparable wellness for children installed in our so-designed car seats, visit our devoted website Softness-by-renolux.


RENOFIX complies with current safety requirements and is R44/04 approved.
It obtained excellent test results.
It has been awarded “Gut” by ADAC and 4 stars by TCS.
Adjustable Isofix connectors ease the installation of the seat. The colour indicators on the connectors allow verification of the correct installation.
The seat comes with 2 guides to assist clipping the Isofix connectors into the car.
RENOFIX can also be installed in vehicles not equipped with Isofix anchor points.
In all cases, the child is secured with the car’s 3-point seat belt. For the good safety of the child, make sure that the two straps of the seat belt are not twisted, and pass them under the armrests. Check that the horizontal strap is correctly placed on the upper thighs (rather than on the belly) of the child.
RENOFIX has wide extra side protections that provide optimum protection in the event of a side collision.


RENOFIX benefits from the exclusive SOFTNESS® technology. This unique technology patented by RENOLUX combines the best of comfort and safety. It consists of the combination of a high-strength steel frame topped with high-density polyurethane foam.
The foam guarantees an unparalleled level of comfort and eases sleep during long journeys, which is the promise of a healthy awakening for the child.
The seat’s steel frame has unique deformation characteristics that ensure optimum safety in the event of a crash.
You will also appreciate the neat finishes of the cover and the quality of the soft and resistant fabric with topstitches, which offers an even softer welcome.
The cover is removable and 30° washable.
The one-handed adjustment is easy.
RENOFIX is 4-position reclining in the case of an Isofix installation.




RENOFIX offers a wide range of use: from 15 kg (approx. 3 years ½) to 36 kg (approx. 11 years). Thanks to a one-handed mechanism, the booster can extend up to 15 cm, in order to adapt perfectly to the child’s morphology.
The folding articulated Isofix connectors ease the transport of the booster and its installation.

On the road to wellness aboard RENOFIX by Renolux !

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Renolux Renofix 5.00
Renolux Renofix
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