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Moon Resea S 2in1 2023 Edition

Moon Resea S 2in1 2023 Edition

Moon Resea S 2in1 2023 Edition


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Product information "RESEA S - COLLECTION 2022" EASY PEASY! Slim design, stable frame, large comfort tires and an extra-long backrest - the RESEA S has been the most popular all-rounder for years! Included ...
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Product information "RESEA S - COLLECTION 2022"


Slim design, stable frame, large comfort tires and an extra-long backrest - the RESEA S has been the most popular all-rounder for years! Included in delivery: the comfortable sport seat, which turns the pram into a stable buggy in no time at all. The RESEA S with sports seat is so light and small that it can be folded to fit into any car boot. 

Everyday family life can be so easy! Even the narrowest passages are child's play thanks to the slim design, the stable frame and the large comfort tires. When your baby grows up, the RESEA S becomes a premium sports buggy with an extra-long backrest of 51 cm! Our all-rounder weighs only 12.2 kg! 


At the highest level: The RESEA S as EDITION

Quilted faux leather details, high-polish chrome frame, Träumeland mattress and special EDITION model colours such as black - rosé gold, anthracite - black chrome and navy - silver polish. Perfect function, ultimate features. We love the RESEA S EDITION!
  • Pneumatic tires: the RESEA S glides stably on any terrain. The pneumatic tires can also be easily inflated or replaced.
  • Premium mattress by Träumeland: The very special journey to dreamland always succeeds on the breathable premium mattress of the Austrian manufacturer. In addition, the age-appropriate firmness level offers healthy lying comfort for your child.
  • High-polish chrome frame: The frame of the RESEA S EDITION is not only a visual eye-catcher, but also promises endurance and stability.
  • Quilted fabric: Haptically and visually different from all the others. The quilted fabric is robust as well as rain and dirt repellent.
  • Extra panorama window: For even better air circulation, the extra panorama window in the floor of the RESEA S EDITION tub also provides a special lookout for the little passenger.
  • Additional colours: Get the colour you like. The EDITION offers exclusive and noble colour combinations that always fit. 
  • Quilted leather details: Made of non-slip, vegan faux leather with antibacterial protection.
One for all - the features of the RESEA S in the MOON-Kosmos

Maximum comfort:

  • Flat ergonomic reclining position: The sports seat can be easily adjusted from the upright sitting position to the flat, ergonomic reclining position.
  • Extra long backrest: The RESEA S sports seat has the longest reclining surface in the range with a length of 51 cm - ideal even for larger children!
  • XXL sunroof: Both the carrycot and the sports seat offer an extra-large sunroof with UV protection 50+ and air-conditioning window.
  • Comfort padding: The padding in the sports seat is extra padded to provide comfortable support.
  • Seat at table height: Thanks to the height of the sports seat, you have a better view of your child and he or she can sit more comfortably at the table.
  • Additional panorama window with climate zone: The air-permeable climate window improves ventilation in the pram and still offers sufficient protection. And in the EDITION you can even expect a second window in the carrycot.
  • Extra wide carrycot: Lots of space means lots of comfort for your baby. Big enough to move and grow, but small enough to give a feeling of safety and security. 

Maximum safety:

  • Air permeability: Air-permeable materials ensure a better climate inside the RESEA S.
  • Breathable seat cover: The fabrics of the RESEA S are breathable to improve airflow and reduce perspiration, especially in summer. 
  • Wind stopper: The RESEA S protects your baby from wind and cold draughts with a resistant wind stopper.
  • Windows with climate zone: In addition to the CIRC AIR® system, integrated windows with climate zone support the air circulation in the RESEA S. In the EDITION you will also find an additional climate window in the carrycot.
  • UV protection 50+: Babies should not be in the blazing sun for too long. All MOON sunroofs therefore offer UV protection 50+ and plenty of shade. 
  • 5-point harness system: The 5-point harness system can be adjusted and is comfortable for the little passengers thanks to the comfort padding.

More flexibility:

  • Convertible seat unit: With a view of mum or the world. Thanks to the RESEA S's convertible seat units, you decide where your baby looks.
  • One-hand folding mechanism: The RESEA S can be folded with just one hand and a few grips.
  • Lightweight: Thanks to its lightness, the RESEA S can be carried with one hand. A relief on journeys and in everyday life! 
  • Height-adjustable handles: Thanks to the height-adjustable push handles, parents of all sizes can adjust the pram ergonomically for themselves. 
  • Foldable with seat and basket in both driving directions: No matter how the sport seat is mounted, the RESEA S can be folded directly.
  • Quickly made small: No extra work and quickly stowed - even in the smallest car boot. 
  • Removable tires: To save even more space, the tires can be quickly and easily removed and then remounted.
  • Rubber or pneumatic tires: Whether rubber tires in the BASIC models or pneumatic tires in the EDITION - you decide which tires offer you the greater driving comfort.

Extra endurance and durability:

  • All-wheel suspension: Optimal driving comfort thanks to suspension of all tires - the RESEA S shines on any terrain!
  • Ball bearing in the tire suspension: The ball bearing allows the RESEA S to glide effortlessly.
  • Loadable up to 22kg: The RESEA S can carry children with a body weight of up to 22 kg and thus remains in use for an extra long time.

Intelligent design: 

  • Shopping basket: Parents always have a lot with them. The basket offers enough space for shopping, bags, jackets and more. 
  • MOON FABRIC+ System: Made with an extra robust, breathable jersey cover suitable for allergy sufferers.
  • High-quality materials: Thanks to their rain- and dirt-repellent quality, MOON's design fabrics are not only visually and haptically appealing, but above all practical. In addition, the artificial leathers used are vegan, non-slip and offer antibacterial protection. The EDITION models also offer additional colour and fabric combinations


The favourite model of 2020 cannot be missing from the new collection. For the first time, parents can look forward to the RESEA S EDITION with pneumatic tires and Träumeland mattress. The various EDITION models come with modern colours and all the familiar qualities of the MOON cosmos.

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Moon Resea S 2in1 2023 Edition 4.62
Moon Resea S 2in1 2023 Edition
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Moon Resea S 2in1 2023 Edition 4.62
Moon Resea S 2in1 2023 Edition
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