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HAUCK jalutuskäru RAPID 4D

HAUCK jalutuskäru RAPID 4D

HAUCK jalutuskäru RAPID 4D


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Tootja: Hauck
Kaal: 10 kg
Lapse maksimaalne kaal: 25 kg
Täispuhutavad rattad: Jah
Käepideme reguleerimine: Jah
Pööratav plokk: Ei

The Rapid 4D is a very stylish companion that comes with high-quality functions, as well as a modern, curved frame. As an all-round pushchair with large, puncture-resistant all-terrain wheels that absorb bumps, it can be used both in the city and the country. The swiveling front wheels make changes of direction easy and can be locked on uneven terrain.

The Rapid 4D folds away compactly with one hand by using the Press & Pull system on the padded release loop, by which you can easily transport and stow away this all-rounder, while having one free hand for your child.

The pushchair stands out by the premium materials and features. High-quality, durable fabrics on the 3-zone canopy rated UPF 50+ and on the spacious seat make of the Rapid 4D an eye-catching pushchair. Also, the backrest can be continuously reclined up to a lying position.

Thanks to the height-adjustable handlebar with cup holder, parents of different height can also benefit from a comfortable, back-friendly walk.

Compared to other pushchairs, the Rapid 4D can be used longer. In combination with the seat and the basket, it offers your child a comfortable drive up to 22 kg or 4 years and accommodates up to 3 kg of shopping. The footrests fabric and the safety bars surface are made of durable and easy-care materials, making your Rapid 4D look well-maintained in no time despite muddy shoes and sticky hands.

The Rapid 4D comes with a safety package including a padded 5-point harness, a removable protection bar that facilitates your childs entry and exit, as well as white lines on the wheels that provide more visibility when it gets dark.

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HAUCK jalutuskäru RAPID 4D 5.00
HAUCK jalutuskäru RAPID 4D
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HAUCK jalutuskäru RAPID 4D 5.00
HAUCK jalutuskäru RAPID 4D
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